Project Management
A project manager works as your agent throughout your project. krantzform is usually retained early in the process. We discuss your ideas, helping assess do-ability and how well the possible solutions address your needs.

From this initial discussion we can establish approximate costs. We then help you formulate a strategy for the design and building of your project. Common delivery methods are: Design Bid Build,and Design Build.

With Design Bid Build, the design for all or part of the project is completed, then the work is put out for bid to contractors and the successful contractors build the designed work.

In the case of design build, the designer/builder agrees to supply specific elements for a given price within a set level of finish, carrying out the design and building of the project. We prefer this more fluid, creative approach. Its flexibility allows for more ongoing interaction and keeps the usually expensive "change order" in check.

During these processes krantzform helps maintain focus, provides input on design relative to availability and prices, works to maintain good neighbor relations and processes requests for payment. These services by the project manager combine to insure that you the client maintain control of your project.

We believe that building can be fun but recognize that it takes people working together to achieve a successful project. Starting with the right design and choosing the right contractors are the two key elements for a successful renovation.

krantzform knows how to organize and manage a project — scheduling workers, trades and delivery of materials efficiently; keeping track of expenses; maintaining a clean and safe worksite; and minimizing the inconvenience to you. When necessary, we know how to deal with the unexpected and the surprises that sometimes occur in renovation.

Most importantly, we listen carefully so we know what you want. We explain the process so you know what to expect, and then give you regular updates so you know what’s going on. We encourage you to voice any questions or concerns you may have as the work progresses. In brief, we work for you and with you to make sure that you are satisfied… and happy to recommend our services to friends,family, neighbors and co-workers.