House Buying
Use our vision to imagine the possibilities.

krantzform has accompanied many people on those "let's go look at some houses" trips. We help you realize the potential.

There are many reasons why people buy a new house. If you're seriously thinking of a new home, it's important to have a real understanding of why you're looking. That's why I ask a lot of questions about your existing space... what works... what doesn't. Why are you looking for a new house?

With some solid answers, we can begin the process. It's not usually an easy one. For most people, once the realtor starts the parade of homes, brain overload isn't far behind.

Most of my clients have a very hard time seeing how the house they're looking at can meet their needs. Imagination and vision are my specialties. By asking the right questions before we began, I will be able to help you knock down some walls (mental or physical), and adapt someone else's space to be your own.

I can help you make some of those important decisions.